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I was going to start by saying sorry for not updating sooner with icons, but really - what's the point? lol So I didn't manage to get the previous round of 20inspirations done, so when this round came up and the theme was 'pass it on' I just knew that I had to do it!  I decided to claim Alex for this round because I love Lyndsy and she is so pretty and I realized that I barely ever make icons of her - so this has changed that!  I also have the icons I made for vampire_sessah nikita battle (so many pretty icons) so make sure to check out that post too and leave some love for the other guys that took part.  I also have a few misc. icons that I made ages ago and that I just need to post to get rid of so enjoy!

20 | alex (nikita) for 20inspirations
13 | nikita for icon battle (including alts)
12 | misc

 photo 01-closecrop_zps7d740bb4.png  photo undercover_zpsd8a09e9b.png
 photo merlin01_zps9e8c2d8b.png  photo 07-profilehairporn_zps1c710a03.png

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nikita;; anger does funny things (m)


So I had wanted to icon something that I hadn't before, and also make sure that my watchers would enjoy the icons too so when I picked The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen I made sure to include a lot of Tom Sawyer for the Shane West/Nikita fans out there.  I found this round quite hard, but in saying that I did have a lot of fun making the icons and I hope that you like them too!

20 | LXG for 20inspirations

 photo 01-faceless_zpsff121ff5.png  photo 01-cheekbone_zpsab707021.png
 photo 04-gun_zpsdd38c5cc.png  photo 10-touch_zpsd88a034d.png

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nikita;; when all is said and done (m)


So after a 7 month break from making icons I figured that it was time to start again and this round of 20inspirations was just what I needed! I found this round really let me play around with blending and colouring again rather than just cropping and I have to say, I am really proud with how this batch turned out.  I hope that even if you don't watch or are familiar with Nikita that you will let me know what you think anyway because as always your feedback means so much.  And thanks to my friends for encouraging me on twitter to keep going and making these icons!  Hover over the icons to see which colour they are representing.

20 | Nikita (20inspirations)
06 | Alts/Rejects

 photo 09-loved_zps1a06e6d2.png  photo 08-regal_zpsd58ad88d.png
 photo 05-sorrow_zps15bf8576.png  photo 15-pride_zpsf0005be7.png

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